Hello, I'm Doug!

The guy behind the camera that found these images.

My day jobs take me far and wide, where I do a lot of listening, thinking, praying, and advising. As I rove around, the camera lens helps me see. It helps me open up, focus in, slow down - long enough to probe around a bit, exercise the discipline of reflection, more fully appreciate and - on a really good day - begin to understand what is around me.

Often when I "capture" an image, I've already been captured by the people, setting, culture it represents. This is usually a full-immersion, full-contact activity for me.

Photography also allows me to help others see afresh, try on a new perspective, or catch details, patterns, textures, beauty that might otherwise escape notice. In this space I share images as a window into my own journey, and a doorway into the journey we all share.

Leave a comment at the bottom of this page, or in response to any of the entries on my photo blog. Or just "like" or "dislike" photos as you browse. However long you stay, or whatever you find here of interest, I'm glad you stopped by to share the journey for a bit.

Welcome to WorldView Photography!


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